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Rabu, 26 Maret 2014

Bali, The Island Of Genital Statues

It’s for twice I visit Bali on November last year. I visited the Island of Gods first in 18 years ago. Surely many changes for teen years no visit the island, I mean Denpasar.

I visited several resort places which I’ve never visited before as Turtle Island, Jimbaran in the night panorama, and souvenir shops.
It’s unforgettable when visiting several souvenir shops; many masculin genital statues in many forms for sale. There’re many ashtrays like masculin genitals. Frankly I felt shy when see the porn souvenir.

I didn’t find the souvenir when I visited Bali for first time. I think it’s progress, but in other side I think it’s moral decline. It seem everyone’s lose shy sense about the genital.
Surely I state we don’t find like this in other region in around Indonesia.
Bali; it’s better called the island of genital statues than the island of gods.